Bookings from UK to Greece skyrocket in one day: Skyscanner

Greece is in the top 5 destinations for Brits

Search engine Skyscanner recorded a sharp rise in travel bookings immediately after the announcement by British PM Boris Johnson that international travel may resume after May 17, placing Greece in the top 5 countries with the most bookings in one day.

Skyscanner recorded an increase of 69%, immediately after the announcements, a fact which its executives evaluate positively saying that “travellers are now informed immediately about their test results, as well the restrictions and their revision for the trips. It is essential that there is clear, immediate, and timely information in order to restore the confidence of both the public and the travel industry itself, especially with regard to the measures imposed, quarantines, and tests before departure. ”

According to Skyscanner, the increase in bookings in one day more than doubled in key markets from the United Kingdom. Indicatively, the largest increases concern Portugal (+ 176%), Spain (+ 170%), Italy (+ 122%), Turkey (+ 113%) and Greece (+ 96%).

In terms of the top 10 destinations with the most bookings from the UK are Spain, Pakistan, the USA, Greece, India, Turkey, Italy, UK, Portugal, Thailand.

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