Brave pet dog dies after fighting off a cobra that was trying to enter a family home (video)

The man’s other dog that also fought off the cobra got hit in the eye by the venom causing it to go blind although it survived the attack

Akarapol Churtrakul, 23, received a call at work that his beloved dog Sumo, a three-year black pit bull was found dead in their home in Samut Prakan province, Thailand, on December 9.

The devastated pet owner rushed home and checked the CCTV recordings inside the house to know what happened.

Akarapol and his family were shocked when they saw how the black cobra snake slithered through the fence before trying to enter the house.

Chillingly, Akarapol’s elderly grandmother was inside at the time and one bite from a cobra would have killed her in under an hour.

However, the brave dog Sumo which was resting at a cage nearby saw the intruder and immediately struck it with its paws.

Despite being bitten a few times, the dog did not retreat and continued to attack the deadly reptile so it could not enter the property.

The man’s other white Dachshund dog, Max, that also fought off the cobra got hit in the eye by the venom, causing it to go blind although it survived the attack.

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When the snake died from deep bite wounds, Sumo struggled to drag itself into the house and rested under a wooden table where it succumbed from the venom.

Akarapol said the snake may have come from a nearby forest since the property is a traditional Thai wooden house on stilts built near a canal.

He said: “I have four dogs who have caught snakes in the house before. My friend asked me earlier that day if my dogs have caught any more snakes, which I think was a premonition that something bad was about to happen.

“If Sumo did not guard the house, my family could have been in danger and bitten. But I’m still sad that I have to let go of my dog.”

The family held a small memorial for the heroic dog before it was buried in their backyard.

They are now planning to build nets around the gates to prevent wild animals from entering.