Feral pigs eat & destroy $22K worth of cocaine hidden in Italian forest

Italian police began probing a gang of suspected drug dealers, who decided to hide cocaine in Italy’s boar-infested countryside

Hiding a stash of cocaine worth $22,000 in the woods might not have been the dumbest idea this suspected gang of drug dealers came up with, but it was certainly the least effective. According to Newsweek, a horde of wild boars ruthlessly destroyed it with utter indifference.

This violent reclamation by Mother Nature was discovered after police wiretapped members of the gang and overheard them complaining about the damage to their product. Arresting the three Albanian suspects and one Italian suspect thereafter was rather swift.

According to The Local, the animals ripped into a sealed package of cocaine and proceeded to litter the nearby woodlands with its powdery contents.

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The drugs originally came from Perugia, before being hidden in the Tuscan forest near Montepulciano, while being peddled around Arezzo. According to Fox News, the gang had been quite prolific before the arrests, selling two kilos per month at between $90 and $120 per gram.

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