ISIS terrorist arrested in Athens

He has admitted to the charges

The Greek counter-terrorism unit has arrested a 27-year-old jihadist accused of being a member of ISIS who participated in terrorist acts and murders.

The young Syrian fell into the hands of the counter-terrorism unit in the early morning hours of November 19, and authorities have filed a criminal case against him on the charges of joining the terrorist organization ISIS / DAESH, as well as for terrorist acts or direct assistance in murder, and abetting murder on multiple occasions.

The suspect, who entered Greece on 28-03-2018, while being examined, admitted the charges against him and is being brought before the Prosecutor of the Athens Court of First Instance.

During the investigation, which was carried out in an open house of foreigners, in Eleonas where he lived, digital evidence was found, which will be sent to the Forensic Laboratories for laboratory tests.