Brian May says he was “very near death” after a heart attack

“Hmm … Sheer Heart Attack eh ? Well, I think I always worried a little bit about that album title”

Queen guitarist Brian May has revealed he “could have died” after being rushed to hospital following a heart attack.

The 72-year-old said he was “shocked” to discover he needed surgery after what he described as a “small” heart attack earlier this month.

The star’s heart scare came a few days after a separate medical issue, when he thought he had ripped his glutes during a gardening accident.

He explained his latest health problem in a video posted to Instagram.

“I thought I was a very healthy guy,” he said.

“But I turned out to have three arteries that were congested and in danger of blocking the supply of blood to my heart”.

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May was subsequently fitted with three stents – tiny tubes that can hold open blocked arteries – and says he is back in full health.

“I walked out with a heart that’s very strong now, so I think I’m in good shape for some time to come.”

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