Chinese high ranking official surrenders to the US & make revelations about the coronavirus?

China’s Deputy National Security Minister left his country via Hong Kong and sought refuge in the US

A high-ranking Chinese official, who fled to the United States last February with his daughter through Hong Kong, has revealed to the Biden government information about the “leak” of the coronavirus from a science laboratory in Wuhan, which prompted the White House to investigate again the origins of the deadly virus.

The theory that the coronavirus “leaked” from the Institute of Virology in Wuhan or another science laboratory in the Chinese city has been described as a “conspiracy theory” by many, although it is known that in Wuhan’s laboratories scientists researched coronaviruses coming from the bats.

The official is the 57-year-old Dong Jingwei, a deputy minister in China’s Ministry of National Security, which practically is the country’s Secret Services. Jingwei had been assigned many cases since April 2018.

News that the top Chinese official had surrendered to the United States has come to light in recent days, following rumors circulating on Chinese social media.

It all started with a tweet from Han Lianchao, a former Chinese Foreign Ministry official, who surrendered to the United States after the bloody protests in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

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In a tweet he posted on June 16, the Chinese former official states that Jingwei surrendered to the United States. He claims that Jingwei’s surrender was discussed at a meeting of Chinese and US officials in Alaska in March, but the United States refused to hand over the Chinese spy.

Last March, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with top Chinese officials in a first four-day Biden meeting to discuss issues of mutual concern, such as trade and human rights in Tibet.

Han claims that at the Alaska summit, the head of US diplomacy refused to hand over the Chinese spy and insists that Dong Jingwei has “disappeared” since September 2020.

However, on the Chinese side, the news was not confirmed.