Clinical trials for the AstraZeneca vaccine resume

It was now safe for the tests to proceed, the company announced on Saturday

Clinical trials of the coronavirus vaccine by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford have resumed.

The “green light” was given by the British Health Regulatory Authority, noting that it was now safe for the tests to proceed, the company announced on Saturday.

It is recalled that on Tuesday the company had announced the suspension of the tests, as one of the volunteers who took part had a serious side effect.

Saturday’s statement from AstraZeneca said the independent U.K. investigation into the event has concluded and it advised the Medicines Health Regulatory Authority, Britain’s equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration, that it was safe to resume the trial. The MHRA concurred and gave the green light for the trial to restart.

“The Company will continue to work with health authorities across the world and be guided as to when other clinical trials can resume to provide the vaccine broadly, equitably and at no profit during this pandemic,” the spokesperson, Michele Meixell, wrote in an email.

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