Condom sales on the rise amidst Covid-19 self-quarantine

Other intimate products have also seen a spike in demand

Some products have become extremely valuable and are in high demand since most countries in the world decided to adopt lockdown measures in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sanitisers, disinfectants, toilet paper, canned and dried products are the most obvious examples. But now condom brands are also reporting a rise in sales.

American brand Promescent announced a 54% increase in online sales for condoms since March 5. “In times of uncertainty and isolation, it is only natural to seek physical and emotional intimacy,” commented Promescent CEO Jeff Abraham, adding that condoms are not the only product often sold. Arousal Gel increased 78% since March 5, Splash Delay Spray sales increased 42% and lubricants increased 35%.

Pharmacies in Delhi, India have also reported an increase in condom sales, according to the Hindustan Times. Meanwhile, it has already been reported that there has been an increase in sales of sex toys for those who want to have fun on their own (or not) and Pornhub has revealed that it offers free pornography to the countries most hit by the virus.

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