Coronavirus Greece: Special purpose leaves with for working parents

Government spokesman: “2020 will be a different year than we anticipated”

The introduction of a fully-paid special purpose leave of absence for as long as schools are suspended until April 10 has been announced by the government spokesman Stelios Petsas as part of the measures decided to address the coronavirus crisis.

According to Mr. Petsas, the Legislative Act provides for every 4 days of leave 3 to be of special purpose and one as a regular leave.


– Regarding special purpose leave of public sector employees, the State will cover all wages.

– For private sector workers, the state will cover 1/3 of its regular salary, but this is dynamic and can change.

– If one parent takes a special purpose leave, the other is not entitled to take one.

– If one parent is not working, the other is not entitled to a special purpose leave with the exception of patients with coronavirus or persons with disabilities.

– Public sector workers are provided with flexible working hours where possible.

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– For private sector workers, the business can offer flexible working hours or work from home.

Mr. Petsas stated that, “2020 will be a different year than we anticipated. Emergency requirements to stimulate liquidity and protect employment need to be excluded from the European framework for fiscal rules”.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to address the nation and set the general framework for dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

At 5 pm the Prime Minister will have a meeting with the leadership of the Shipping Ministry with a focus on the ferry connection to Italy.