Riots break out at Nea Smyrni police station – Police officer seriously injured

They are protesting against police brutality at the city’s square last week


Riots broke out between police and hooded protesters in the area where the police station in Nea Smyrni is located. Hooded men attacked the police station with Molotov cocktails, while they also attacked journalists and photojournalists, while one police officer was injured: according to the first reports, he has been beaten and his condition is bad.
Hooded men threw the policeman off his motorcycle and started beating him mercilessly. The officer was found covered in blood on the ground until his colleagues surrounded him. Until now (7.55 pm) it has not been possible for an ambulance to arrive to pick him up.

The incidents erupted when hooded men and anti-authoritarians marched to the head of the local police station, throwing Molotov cocktails and shouting slogans for Dimitris Koufordinas. The police reacted with chemicals and water from the aquifer – “aura”, in order to remove the riots.

A new protest rally is underway in Nea Smyrni in Athens. Images of incredible crowding are being recorded, on a day when the coronavirus cases reached 3,215.
The march in the main streets of the city started at about 6.30 in the afternoon, while among those gathered are families – residents of Nea Smyrni, members of collectives, and organisations marching to the police station in the area. According to estimates of ELAS, at least 6,000 people are taking part in the rally.
Among those taking part in the rally are organised groups of football fans, many of whom are holding sticks and are wearing hoods. Police officers found a bag with bottles full of flammable material. The prevailing slogans are against the police.