Daughter’s hilarious obituary for prankster dad

There is room for humour everywhere after all…

A daughter has penned a hilarious obituary for an adored man who “tortured his siblings” with “obnoxious pranks” and ran licence plate numbers on his daughters’ boyfriends.

Joe Heller, from Connecticut in the US, died on Sunday aged 82 – “his last undignified and largely irreverent gesture”, read his obituary written by daughter Monique Heller.

A childhood during The Great Depression “resulted in a lifetime of frugality, hoarding and cheap mischief, often at the expense of others”.

Joe gleefully tormented his siblings with “obnoxious pranks”, including baking a chocolate cake with laxatives and naming the family dog “Fart” to embarrass his mum when calling the pet home.

A former library assistant at Yale Law School, Joe joined the Navy and after an honourable discharge, Joe served as a volunteer fireman and lollipop man.

Monique wrote that Joe met his wife Irene, “who was hoodwinked into thinking he was a charming individual with decorum”.

“Boy, was she ever wrong. Joe embarrassed her daily with his mouth and choice of clothing,” she wrote.

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