Demand for sex dolls on the rise amid Covid-19 pandemic

It is a safer way to release tension…

The sales of sex dolls has seen a steep rise amid the coronavirus pandemic, as single men are trying to grapple with the new harsh realities of lock-down and home quarantines to prevent the spread of Covid-19, while complying with the strict rules of self-isolation imposed by many governments across the globe.

People are increasingly avoiding intimate contact with each other during this unprecedented period, exacerbating feelings of depression and loneliness. This weird new way of life has resulted in them resorting to safer ways of releasing their urges and venting their “frustrations”. Namely, using sex dolls…

In an interview with Yahoo News, Australian Ryan James, the owner of a sex doll company, said that people’s interest in sex dolls during this time notably increased. In the last few months, there was a tremendous jump in the sales of dolls.

Ryan James runs a side business supplying adult toys and sex dolls, or as he calls them, “companion dolls or love dolls”.

“We have definitely seen a jump in sales in recent months of our dolls,” he told Yahoo News Australia.

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After starting the online business about two years ago, he says the company has seen a roughly 35 per cent increase in traffic to its website during the pandemic.

“What we’ve seen in recent months is definitely an increase in our website clicks,” Mr Ryan said. “And also inquiries, there’s been tonnes of emails to look at.

“The past eight weeks tracking, we’ve seen a 35 per cent increase in web volume.”