Dogs literally shred car to pieces to catch a cat (video)

The incident happened in Crete

A pack of dogs in Crete literally stripped a car to pieces trying to reach a cat hiding in its engine.

The female owner of a vehicle in the village of Gournes, Heraklion, in Crete, was left stunned when she found the bumper and front fenders of her car completely ripped off. Initially, she thought her car had been stripped to pieces by thieves but quickly realised dog paws.

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According to residents, the dogs were apparently chasing a cat, which was hidden in the engine of the vehicle. To reach it, they removed the bumper, the headlights, the refrigerator, and even the wiring, leaving behind a dismantled vehicle.

According to testimonies, it is the 5th similar incident in the area, with the residents in despair, as no one compensates them for the destruction caused.

video credit ΚΡΗΤΗ TV