Erdogan for the Corsica summit: “We are too big for you, you can not eat us” (video)

Turkish FM Cavusoglu spoke to the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee of islands that are on the “wrong side”!

With a video from the past, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attempted to respond to the messages sent by the MED7 summit in Corsica.

In the video from the time he was mayor of Constantinople, which lasts only 10 seconds, the Turkish president is heard saying to the “wolves”, “forgive us but we are too big for you, you can not eat us”.

It was preceded by a provocative speech from the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu, who, speaking before the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, accused Greece, France and the “Greek-Cypriot administration”, as he described the Republic of Cyprus, of “unilateral actions” and of adopting of maximalist positions”, through which they try to isolate Turkey.

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According to Cavusoglu, Greece and Cyprus “poison the relations between the European Union and Turkey”, as, according to him, the agreements of both Athens and Nicosia with neighboring countries, such as Egypt, Lebanon and Israel show that the Mitsotakis government does not want to continue the dialogue between the two sides that began with Tsipras’ government.

The Turkish Foreign Minister even spoke of a “Turkish minority in Thrace”, of islands that are on the “wrong side” and can not have the same influence in the economic zone, justifying even the casus belli of Ankara against Greece, arguing that if Athens extends its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles, Turkey will be excluded from navigation in the Aegean.