Erdogan: Greece is childish and is provoking

The Turkish President warned Greece would get the answer it deserved

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Greece of adopting ‘childish behaviour’ in the Mediterranean during an event in Ankara.

“We are defending the maritime rights of our country and the Turkish Cypriot Republic in the Eastern Mediterranean. “We will not allow anyone to restrict our country, which has the largest coastline in the Mediterranean,” the Turkish president, said.

“The language of threats and blackmail does not work for us. The fact that the problems with Greece can be solved through diplomacy and dialogue, is due to our determination. These issues must be resolved through dialogue and negotiations with our neighbors, always within the framework of the regulations,” Erdogan added.

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“Greece is provoking and is exhibiting childish behaviour, while its politicians are showing a lack of dignity towards our law. Turkey has displayed prudence at this stage, which is inconceivable for us, but our role is very important and we are moving smartly. We will continue to show great maturity, which is required. We will continue to work with the countries of the region for peace and stability. We will always act in good faith. However, if they continue to test Turkey’s patience and determination, they will get the answer they deserve.”