Erdogan says Turkey’s future is Europe but who believes it? – Analysis

There are trust & sincerity issues

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent remarks to the ambassadors of the European Union members that “Turkey’s future is in Europe” led to the optimism of revision in foreign politics. The president had opened the debate on Nov. 21, 2020, when he said “We project Turkey’s future in Europe.” He promised a rapprochement process that ranges from Aegean Sea talks with Greece to judicial and economic reforms in the Aegean between Greece has promised a rapprochement process.

His pledge had positive repercussions in Europe. Encouraging messages came from the capital cities but they were cautious. Turkey’s biggest problem with both EU and the U.S. is mistrust and it is mutual. The recent tensions with Greece or the fact that the U.S. has seized the F-35 jets that Turkey paid for in retaliation to Ankara’s purchase of Russian S400 missiles do not replace distrust as the top problem. Neither Turkey nor the West takes steps to build trust before the other party does. Because promises are not found credible.

These trust issues may be a headache for Turkey in February and March, when it has serious matters with the U.S., EU and NATO.

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Trust and sincerity issues

A new issue recently added to existing matters of mistrust.

According to the findings of research company MetroPoll, the majority of the public does not find Erdogan’s recent remarks on the EU and reforms “sincere”.

According to “Turkey’s Pulse January 2021” report, only 32.7 percent of the participants think that Erdogan’s remark that “Turkey’s future in Europe” represents a sincere foreign policy trend. The rate of those who said he was not sincere stands at 56.3 percent. The details of the finding are also remarkable. Among those who say they vote for Justice and Development Party (AKP), the rate of those who do not find these words of Erdogan sincere is 33 percent. Among Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), the rate jumps to 49.3 percent.

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