Greece in top 3 Mediterranean destinations, global survey finds

Greece is third behind Spain and Italy

Greece is among the top 3 Mediterranean destinations tourists prefer to visit once the Covid-19 traveling restrictions are lifted, based on research in 12 target markets of incoming tourism carried out by Horwath HTL, a global consulting company specialising in tourism.

Among the 8 destinations in the Mediterranean, Spain was the first choice (22.04%) of the respondents, Greece maintains the 3rd spot for holiday-makers (15.01%), just behind Italy (15.70%), which despite the severity of the pandemic, maintains, a very strong brand name. The remaining destinations in order of preference are Portugal (12.12%), Croatia (8.13%), Turkey (4.2%), Cyprus (4.68%), Egypt (3.58%).

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The preferred destinations in Greece are Halkidiki (18.35%), Crete (15.60%), Santorini (13.76%), Corfu & Mykonos (11.93%), and Rhodes (11.01%). Other Greek destinations that emerged from the survey are the Ionian islands (4.59%), other Cycladic islands (3.67%), Kos (3.67%) and Peloponnese (2.75%).

More than 2/3 of the respondents said they were optimistic about the future of tourism and travel. 52.48% said they wanted to travel abroad, while 63.91% said they felt safe to travel by plane. In the meantime, 45.10% of respondents prefer hotel accommodation for their stay (25.21% independent hotel, 19.89% hotel belonging to an international chain). 27.02% will choose rooms for rent and short-term leases, while another 27.88% will choose to spend the night at home with family or friends.