Three Albanian siblings arrested for running illegal cannabis plantation

They were charged with a misdemeanour

Three siblings from Albania were arrested after they were found cultivating a stretch of land with cannabis saplings.

A police helicopter detected the area in an agroforestry region of the Municipality of Pylos-Nestoros in Messinia. The plot had been cleared out by the suspects who had ser up a fully organized hashish plantation with 36 cannabis saplings up to 1.50 meters high.

After locating the land, police from the Kalamata Drug Prosecution uprooted the plants and shut down the illegal operation while confiscated the cultivation and irrigation equipment.

According to the information gathered, the three Albanians, aged 31, 37 and 40, who were found in a nearby community, were arrested, and a case was filed against them for drug trafficking. The three were referred to the Public Prosecutor for Misdemeanours.