Greece weather: Even higher temperatures until Thursday up to 47 Celsius!

Athens will be hit hard by the heatwave

Greece has already entered a hot three-day period of really high temperatures, when temperatures are expected to peak, reaching locally even 47 degrees Celsius!

The prolonged heatwave is expected to affect the country until Friday, August 6, in one of the most intense warm invasions in recent years, which makes meteorologists already talk about a “historic heatwave” compared to recent years.

The National Meteorological Service has already issued an emergency bulletin warning of dangerous weather phenomena, warning that a peak is expected today, however the very high temperatures will continue at least until Friday.

The forecasts speak of an upward course of the temperature curve, from the already very high levels at which it is.

A strong heat wave will prevail throughout the country, while the temperature will be high during the night as well, especially in the urban centers where the feeling of discomfort will be very intense.

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