Greek e-scooter “Bull-e” is definitely worth checking out (video-photos)

The scooter was designed and made in Athens

There is certainly no lack of innovative design in the auto-moto industry in Greece, as the electric city scooter named Bull-e proves.

It has clear lines reminiscent of café racer motorcycles, thanks to the sloping riding position, allowing less aerodynamic resistance, and therefore greater autonomy.

Bearing the signature of architect Nikos Manafis, the mean-looking two-wheeler is based on the frame of an existing scooter and is essentially a heavily customised e-scooter.

With the main body made of fiberglass, its shape, on the one hand, offers a place for the rider’s knees while at the same providing valuable storage space for city routes.

The clever design also has a couple of cup holders on the steering wheel, everything one needs for coffee to work, the gym, and so on. They even resemble winglets, one might say, the aerodynamic wings from a parallel racing universe.

In terms of performance, the Bull-e, aimed at urban micro-movement, will not ‘burn’ the asphalt but will take its rider everywhere and fast, as long as it goes somewhere in the city, with the 2000W electric motor offering a max speed of 45Km/h and with the autonomy reaching 50Km. In terms of style, the Bull-e will definitely catch the eye when it whizzes by.

The e-scooter was designed and built-in Athens, in the studio of the architect, Nikos Manafis. Ita price starts at 4,500 euros, with its production being limited to 250 scooters.

You can find out more information by clicking here, while in the following video you will see it in action in the straits of Plaka.