Greek Foreign Minister Dendias from Ukraine: Following International Law is a matter of principle

Dendias is visiting Ukraine

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias is visiting Kyiv for the first time, Monday, for a series of contacts with Ukrainian government officials. The Foreign Minister sent a message against the Turkish provocation, during a speech at the forum Ukraine 3.0, for the celebrations of the 30 years of the country’s independence.

“The implementation of international law in any case of dispute is a matter of principle. We have adopted the same approach in the case of Turkey, in its persistent, illegal, and aggressive action against Greece and Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean and the wider region,” the Foreign Minister said.

“For us Greeks, respect for international law, respect for the law of the sea remains a pillar of a foreign policy of principles. It is not an ala carte option. It can never be” added Mr. Dendias.