Group of parents files lawsuit against Greek state over Covid-19 self-tests

They claim it is unconstitutional to ban students from going to school if they have not done a self-test

A group of Greek parents in Crete filed a lawsuit against the high school principal, the Rethymno secondary school director, the Crete regional director of education, and the Minister of Education, for not allowing students who have not taken Covid-19 self-tests to attend lessons.

The six parents who, according to the head of Secondary Education of Rethymno, Giannis Gazanos, who spoke to Athens News Agency APE-MPE, are protesting against the ban on children entering school if they have not taken Covid-19 self-tests prior to attending the classroom.

Gazanos said the parents sent the Secondary School directory an out-of-court letter, claiming that it was unconstitutional to prevent students from entering the school, saying that access to the school premises was free, that the self-tests were a medical procedure and could not be carried out at home or by a minor, with one of the parents claiming that there is no incinerator to destroy the test materials.

The Greek government recently decided to re-open senior high schools under the order of Covid-19 self-tests by attending students and teachers.

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