Stunning 3D recreation brings Alexander the Great and the legends of the past to life (incredible photos-videos)

They look like your average person today

It is no surprise that humans have always been fascinated with figures from the past that left an indelible mark on history. Our intrigue stems not only from our desire to learn of their deeds through history books and accounts left behind but most importantly what made them tick, what they thought, as well as how they actually looked.

Although there are many surviving pieces of art from antiquity like statues and images that do give us an idea of what Alexander the Great or Cleopatra looked like they are probably the idealised versions of these legendary individuals.

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Through the use of 3D modelling software, it has become possible to render impressive recreations of many of the people of the past. One example of an artist that seems to be standing out and gaining some traction on social media with positive feedback for his work is a graphic artist from Cyprus.

Based in Larnaca, Cyprus, Panagiotis Konstantinou says he initially created his YouTube channel as a hobby, “to spend time doing something useful”. As he says after reconstructing many of the famous faces of the past from the ancient Greek and Roman eras, he realised that they were no different than a person you might find walking down a street of Athens or Rome today. Through his impressive work, Panagiotis, in a way de-mythologised the great men and women of the past, making them more relatable to us everyday modern people. They had become one of us…

As he says, since starting his channel the comments are overwhelmingly positive, although he adds that he has received some negative feedback from extremists on both sides of the political spectrum.

He says that he would be interested in doing more research on the Byzantine emperors “and try to create faces, having as a source of inspiration references of contemporary historians and what people look like from their place of origin.”

Check out his amazing work on his YouTube channel and site here 

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