Impressive images of US Armed forces in Alexandroupolis (photos-video)

The visit coincides with the 1 and a half-century celebrations of the city’s railway

The Greek Minister of National Defence, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, and the American Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt, arrived in Alexandroupolis on Thursday morning to attend the one-and-a-half-century anniversary celebration of the port’s inauguration, after the arrival of the railway in 1871.


The event coincides with the support of the allied exercise “Atlantic Resolve 2020” as well as the preparations for the use of the railway for the first time in its modern history.


The large American transport Endurance Vehicle Carrier has been in Alexandroupolis since yesterday, transporting 2,000 marines, more than 1,800 vehicles, four Chinook helicopters, 25 Apache helicopters, and 50 Black Hawk helicopters to the city.