Israel & Greece in talks to allow reciprocal visits for vaccinated tourists

It will allow ‘green passport’ tourists to travel without needing to isolate or undergo coronavirus tests

Israel and Greece are in advance negotiations to sign an agreement that would allow reciprocal visits for vaccinated tourists with no obligation to self-isolate or present a negative coronavirus test.
Israel is also negotiating similar agreements with Romania and Serbia, Cyprus and the Seychelles, while the country of Georgia has also expressed interest in signing a similar deal.
The deal would facilitate travel for holders of “green passport”, which anyone who had received two of the required coronavirus vaccines, will be able to get.
Greece and Israel hope that by the time Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis arrives in Israel on Monday for a state visit, the deal will be completed and the two leaders will be able to announce it as early as next week.
Jerusalem, however, said that the signing of the agreement depends on the infection rate in both Israel and Greece, which is currently dealing with a severe coronavirus outbreak in one of its provinces.
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