Low temperatures and rainfall forecast for the next two days

It will mainly affect the east and the Aegean

The weather will take a turn for the worst, as northerly winds are forecast to bring lower temperatures in Greece for the next two days, before a rise in temperatures is expected by the end of the week.

Heavy showers are forecast to mainly affect the east while strong northerly winds in the Aegean and the east are also predicted.

According to the National Observatory of Athens / meteo.gr, a barometric low is forming in the Eastern Mediterranean, which is expected to shift towards the Dodecanese in the coming days.

The low pressure will result in a noticeable drop in temperature and occasional rainfall mainly in the south of the region.

The intensity of the north winds in the Aegean on Tuesday 20/10 and Wednesday 21/10 will reach 8 Beaufort locally.

According to the forecasts, the cold front will last for only two days, while from Wednesday onward temperatures will start to rise.

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