Man rapes chickens to death

The incident occurred in the UK

A care worker in the UK has allegedly raped chickens to death in the basement of his Bradford home while his wife watched and videotaped his depraved act.

Bradford Crown Court has now jailed the man, Rehan Baig three years, but spared the wife, who aided and abetted his depravity.

Baig was jailed after the court heard that the horrifying footage of Rehan Baig abusing the birds, which were family pets, was saved under the file name ‘family vids’ and were shot by his wife Haleema.

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The couple had a GoPro camera rigged up in the cellar of their home to capture the footage of both of them indulging in the ‘depraved and perverted’ acts.

The court heard that Haleema Baig joined her husband in the videos and that he at one stage alternated between having intercourse with his wife and the chickens.

The brown and white chickens died as a result of 37-year-old Baig’s s.e.xual activity with them, the court heard