Mini summer to ‘arrive’ in Greece over the weekend

The temperatures could reach 37 degrees, according to meteorologist Giannis Kallianos

Greece will experience a brief summer stint on the weekend, as temperatures may reach as high as 37 degrees Celsius.

The weather has already improved as there are long intervals of sunshine on Tuesday coupled with sparse clouds in the Ionian and mainland.

Winds in the seas will reach between 4 and 5 Beaufort and locally in the south will register 6 Beaufort.

ND MP and meteorologist, Giannis Kallianos forecast a return to summer temperatures with a new post about the weather.

As he explained, warm air masses from north-northwest Africa will cover much of the Mediterranean and from Friday will gradually begin to affect Greece with the peak of the heat forecast for the weekend.

Kallianos notes that the temperature may reach 37 degrees Celsius again, although he clarified that a more accurate weather forecast for the weekend would be possible in the next few days.

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