No, it’s not Hawaii, it’s Lefkada (incredible drone footage)

It is truly stunning

Lefkada is probably one of the most underrated islands in Greece. Situated in the Ionian Sea on the western coast of mainland Greece, the island is a mere 90 metres distance from the mainland with which it is connected via a draw-bridge. It is the perfect choice for your summer holidays as it is both affordable and convenient.

Santa Mavra, as it was called by the Italians due to the castle on the mainland, stands out for its incredible and unique beaches and white sand, some of which are famous the world around.

Porto Katsiki and Egremni may be two of the most famous on the island, but the Milos has its own beauty that captivates anyone who is there.

There are some many exquisite beaches in Lefkada that you could probably dedicate a whole tome on them alone. There you will find blue and turquoise waters reminiscent of some exotic places far off. A characteristic example of this beauty would be Milos beach in Agios Nikitas, which has something if a Hawaii vibe.

Milos is located on the west side of the island and is one of the best beaches in Lefkada. It is close to Kathisma beach which is the most cosmopolitan of the island. In fact, it is located between the beaches of Kathisma and Agios Nikitas, and is 13 km from the town of Lefkada. This is an excellent beach 730 meters long and 80 metres wide. It was named after an old windmill at the bottom of the beach.

Its blue waters that become even more vibrant when the sea is a little choppy are combined with a sandy beach covered with coarse sand and white pebbles. This setting together with the crystal clear waters that sometimes look blue-green is simply enchanting!

You are left in awe when you experience the imposing landscape, as from above it has grey rocks emitting a sense of loneliness, similar to the scenery that you will also encounter on the beaches of Porto Katsiki and Egremni.

The beach is probably more suited for couple, and less so for families, as the sea is quite deep and somewhat precarious for children. In addition, Mylos beach is not organised, so if you decide to go, you must take the appropriate equipment with you as there is no natural shade on the coast.

video credit Giuseppe Cota YouTube channel

To access Milos you can start by walking through a 650-metre picturesque path, about a 15-20 minutes walk. Once you climbs a small hill that separates the two beaches you will see Milos beach.

If you decide to go on foot, you should start from the main pedestrian street in Agios Nikitas and turn to the narrow left in the first few meters from the beginning of the sidewalk.

The second more relaxing way is by boat with a group. There are trips coming and going from Agios Nikitas, bit we recommend you check on their frequency, as they stop operating for some periods.