Piraeus: EMBCA event underscored ties between the Hellenic Shipping Community and Hellas Liberty Maritime Museum

The importance of the Steam Ship (SS) Liberty fleet

An interesting panel discussion took place in one of the most historic venues of Greece on the late evening of 8 February 2018. The event was hosted by the East Mediterranean Business Cultural Alliance (EMBCA) at the floating Hellas Liberty Maritime Museum, docked near Piraeus Port Gate 2. The Greek Observer delegation successfully attended the event and distills the most important lessons to be learned from this tremendous in terms of historical importance event.

The Event

EMBCA is a leading U.S.-based organization consisted of more than 5.000 members connecting different members of the business community who share common East Mediterranean origins. This year, the EMBCA event commemorated the 10th Anniversary from the arrival of the Liberty Ship SS Arthur M. Huddle from Norwalk, Virginia to the Port of Piraeus. Since its arrival back in 2009, under the initiative of prominent members of the Hellenic Shipping Community, the vessel underwent hull restructuring to become the floating Hellas Liberty Maritime Museum.

To commemorate this anniversary, EMBCA hosted the 3rd Annual Hellenic Shipping Panel Discussion on board the museum-vessel. The discussion entailed seven prominent interlocutors and was moderated by EMBCA President Louis Katsos. The U.S. Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, referred to the longstanding ties of the U.S. with Greece. The U.S. Ambassador hailed the contribution of Greek ship-owners at the height of World War II, in mobilizing their fleets to support the Allies operations all over the world. The Honourable Mr. Pyatt also referred to modern day role of the Hellenic Merchant Shipping community which remains an anchor of stability in the sensitive region of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

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