PM Mitsotakis announces 5 tax exemptions

Tax advance cut to 55%

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced five tax and insurance exemptions for employees and companies during a teleconference meeting on the restart of the Greek economy.

“The government has shown that its consistent priority is to reduce taxes before, during, and after the pandemic. And our first concern after the fight against the health crisis is the rapid recovery of the economy and for this purpose, we are announcing today five measures which will be the basis, the foundation, for the decisive return. And they will enable companies that have suffered damage during the pandemic to be able to return to a positive sign again.”

More specifically he said that the tax advance for all individuals in business will be cut from 100% to 55% – on a permanent basis,

  • Secondly. The tax advance is reduced – again on a permanent basis – for legal persons and legal entities from 100% to 80% from 2022. For this year, however, it is reduced even more, to 70%.
  • Thirdly. The tax rate of all legal persons and all legal entities is reduced on a permanent basis from 2022, ie for the tax year of ‘21, from 24% to 22%.
  • Fourth. The reduction by 3 percentage points of the insurance contributions of private-sector employees for 2022 is extended.
  • Fifth, the suspension of the special solidarity contribution to the private sector for the year 2022 is being extended