PM Mitsotakis’ statement through Proto Thema to the citizens: “Get vaccinated”

Greek PM Mitsotakis asks the political forces, the Church, the pensioners to assist in the campaign for the mass vaccination of Greeks

In an exclusive statement to “Proto Thema“, Mr. Mitsotakis reiterates with emphasis his public appeal to the elderly to hurry up to make an appointment and come to the vaccination centers, pointing out that in this way they will take an important step towards of self-protection.

The entire statement of the Prime Minister:

“All the evidence shows that vaccination saves lives and protects against the coronavirus, especially the most vulnerable. It is characteristic that in our country, out of the 200 elderly citizens who had been intubated, 197 had not been vaccinated. It is, therefore, an elementary self-protection move, especially for adults, to be vaccinated. And there are still vaccines available for those who have not taken this step.

I ask them to do it as soon as possible, so that the wall of immunity starts with those who are most threatened. Everyone must and can contribute to this: the political forces, the Church, the institutions of the pensioners, the civil society. Vaccination is the main way to reduce the pressure on the National Health System and get the economy back on track.

It is a pity that lives are lost, that we are deprived of our freedoms and that society as a whole pays a heavy price, when especially our older fellow citizens, in contrast to what happened at the beginning of the pandemic, can now be fully protected. The experience of Israel and Great Britain, as well as the images from the Greek hospitals certify the effectiveness of the vaccine. I therefore call once again on the citizens to hurry up and get vaccinated. They owe it to themselves, to their own people, to society as a whole”.

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