Pro-life Movement says constitutional rights were violated by the Greek state

The movement issued a harsh statement against the Greek Minister of transport

The pro-life movement named “Let me Live!”, has responded to the decision by the Greek government to take down its posters in the Athens Metro, following a strong reaction against the campaign by supporters of abortion.

In a statement, the movement launched an attack on Transport Minister Costas Karamanlis dubbing his intervention “democratically unacceptable and unconstitutional”.

In their announcement the movement, which as formed 2 years ago by 19 Orthodox Christian groups with the support of the Hellenic Association of High Commissioners of  large families, claimed the decision to take down the posters was a violation of their constitutional rights while citing evidence of low birth rates in Greece.

As their statement explains, the movement was to uphold the Orthodox Christian tradition, and inform the public on the rights of the unborn child and help those women who are pressured into abortion and wish to keep their child.

“We wonder, then: Do we as citizens of this country, but also as collective entities, have the right to express our opinion freely? Since when has there been censorship in Greece and we are not aware of it?”, an excerpt of the statement reads.

“With this in mind, we proceeded to hold a campaign in some Metro stations in order to raise awareness on the unique miracle of life which is hosted in the mother’s womb by putting forward scientific facts.”

“Is the Minister, and all politicians and high profile people, who claim to respect our democratic system, oblivious of the “International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights” (Art. 19), which has been ratified by the Greek Parliament, or the “European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms” (Art. 10)? And most importantly. Do they know what the Constitution of their country (Art. 14) defines as censorship?”

The statement ends by invoking God, while thanking the Minister for shedding light on the topic of abortion by censoring their views on the controversial topic.

“He (Minister) succeeded, by censoring the poster, at sending the message not only to METRO passengers, but all over Greece. The fact that the whole society is discussing the issue of the protection of the unborn child yesterday, is due to the prohibition of public speaking on an issue that is the subject of scientific conferences and institutional dialogue in other countries.”