“RAPE and PEDOPHILIA deserve execution. Do you hear, Scum!’ – disgusted Greek actor writes

Some actors claimed they had fallen victims to sexual misconduct as minors by directors or screenwriters

As Greek society is witnessing in shock mounting sexual harassment and abuse allegations in the entertainment industry, with more actors and actresses going public about their experiences, some even saying they had fallen victims as minors, actor Tassos Nousias chimed in with a post on his Instagram account.

Following allegations that actors were sexually harassed and molested while they were still minors, the well-known actor erupted, making it clear that such behaviour is unforgivable.

“Everything else is punished and at some point may be forgiven. RAPE and PEDOPHILIA are executed! Do you hear scum!!! NO TOLERANCE” wrote Tasos Nousias.

In the last 24 hours, there have been more and more complaints from young actors who complained that when they were minors they came in contact with directors and screenwriters who tried to sexually exploit them.