Samos earthquake: Professor warns of a possibility of a stronger tsunami (video of mini tsunami in Samos)

He said more definite conclusions will be drawn after 2-3 hours

Professor Konstantinos Synolakis, who developed the global tsunami simulation model, speaking to, said that a level tsunami was a possibility.

“What we saw was a tsunami similar to the one that hit Kos and what we are wondering whether after the earthquake there was what we call a submarine landslide.”

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Asked what could happen if something like this happened, Mr. Synolakis said there was a possibility of a second tsunami. “The probability is small, but if we have an underwater landslide, the second tsunami will be stronger than the first and what I am telling you is a certainty.”

He believes that safe conclusions can be drawn only after the examination of tides if they are established in Samos or on another island, something that will happen in the next few hours.