Scary video from doorbell camera: “I want to rape & kill the girl inside” (shocking video)

Las Vegas police managed to arrest him immediately

A video so scary that it could be a thriller scene, has gone viral in recent days in the US and specifically in Las Vegas.

It is from the camera that is in the doorbell of her house.

Last week an unknown man and quite possibly with serious psychological problems, got there and started knocking on a woman’s door. She did not answer, but the camera recorded him saying “Are you sure? Are you positive?”, before turning his back to leave.

Then, the woman’s husband, who was not at home, through an application he has, spoke to this man, asking him who he was. The man then came back to the door again, saying in a natural, matter-of-fact way: “What I am looking for is the girl in the house to come out here because I am going to rape her and kill her … I will rape her and kill her. I have a knife and a gun. Yes. I will come and knock on the door again”. He then turned around and left, repeating again “Are you sure? Are you positive?”.

The woman, Amanda Nowak, posted the video, in order to protect the other residents of the area.

Las Vegas police managed to arrest him immediately.

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