Sexy Eleni Foureira reveals what part of her body men prefer (video)

She appeared on the “After Dark” show on SKAI TV

Sexy singer Eleni Foureira appeared on the final show of the season “After Dark” on SKAI (to be tonight at 23.00) where she admitted she has had breast augmentation.

In an promo excerpt released from the show, the famous singer is put in the “confession”seat where the host, Themis Georganta ‘forces’ his guests to respond to somewhat more personal and embarrassing questions.

Replying to the question what part of your body is the most appealing to men, the sexy singer unreservedly answers: “Before or after the surgery”. Both burst into laughter after the presenter’s surprise. Elenis goes on to say: “Until the operation I did on my chest, it was the ‘back side’.”Now, at this stage it is a bit confusing!”