Shocking video shows elderly man shoot and kill employee in Greece (warning: distressing footage)

The murder happened in the Peloponnese

A shocking video aired on Greek TV station MEGA shows the moment a 72-year-old man shoots a 39-year-old employee at a mobile phone store in the town of Kyparissia, in northwestern Messenia, Peloponnese. According to reports the motive for the cold-blooded murder was over a dispute of a 140-euro bill.

The video shows the killer entering the store, determined to carry out the heinous act. At that time, inside the store were three customers and the unfortunate 39-year-old. The perpetrator holds the gun and goes behind the counter and shoots the man at point-blank range. The victim can be seen falling to the ground behind the counter, as the perpetrator, escorted by another man, leaves the store.

The culprit has been charged with voluntary manslaughter, illegal possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm, and use of a firearm. During his transfer to the prosecutor’s office, the police were forced to remove all the bystanders for fear of a possible lynching.