Spanish team of researchers has sequenced entire genome from COVID-19 patients

The results are available for study in the GISAID Initiative database

A the team of scientists from a Valencia research institute has succeeded in sequencing the entire genome of three samples from COVID-19 patients. Samples were taken at the Laboratory of Microbiology at Valencia University Hospital.

Sequencing the genome of the new coronavirus will contribute to a worldwide scientific effort to identify its sources of transmission and how its different strains have managed to spread.

“The primary goal is to identify the most vital elements of the virus and its transmission chain. The main conclusion of our analysis from these early samples is that the strains come from different sources of transmission,” explains researcher Fernando González Candelas.

The sequences are already available for study in the GISAID Initiative database, a public influenza virus study database, as well as in the Nextstrain and Genbank science platforms.

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