Teen sues Apple for $1bn accusing AI of leading to his false arrest

He claims he was falsely accused of stealing from Apple Stores in four US states

A student is suing Apple Inc for $1bn, claiming that its in-store AI led to his mistaken arrest.

Ousmane Bah, 18, said he was accused of stealing from Apple Stores in four US states, and arrested at his home in New York last autumn.

He believes Apple’s algorithms linked video footage of the thief with his name, leading to the charges.

Apple has told the BBC that it does not use facial recognition technology in its stores.

Mr Bah claims that a detective reviewed security footage from the time of one of the crimes and found the thief looked “nothing like” him.

Mr Bah had previously lost his provisional driving licence, which he believes may have been used by the thief during the robberies. The licence is not meant to be used for identification purposes, and does not include a photograph.

source: bbc