The documents required to travel to Greek islands from Monday, May 11

They will only be permitted to travel and get a ticket upon showing the certificates

The Greek Ministry of Shipping announced on Sunday the people permitted to travel by ship and ferry to the islands from tomorrow, Monday, May 11.

In the statement, which also included the necessary supporting documents those travelling are required to carry, the ministry made it clear said that travel permits concerned only the owners and the employees of companies for which their reopening has been announced from May 11.

As the announcement said, those allowed to travel must carry a signed document if they are self-employed, or have a statement signed by their employee.

The above statements / certificates must include:

a) The details of the self-employed / employee (name, address, telephone number, AMKA).
b) The protocol number of the most recent form in which the employee has been included and submitted to the “ERGANI” Information System (such as E3 recruitment, E4 supplementary timetable, E8 overtime, E9 fixed-term recruitment).
c) The type of business with the corresponding KAD.
d) The TIN of the company.
e) The place – work island.

Passengers are obliged to have these certificates for the issuance of the ferry tickets and to board the ship. They are also obliged to have them with them at all times in order to show them at each inspection.