Thessaloniki: A more popular destination by the year

Quality tourism in low prices!

Thessaloniki at the Central Macedonia province of Greece, had a 5,56% increase in visitors again in 2016. In total 2.309.617 booking compared to 2.187.932 it had the year before. This corresponds to tourists as well as business visitors.

The internal tourism increased by 6.83% (1.226.544 bookings), while foreign visitors by 4.16%. In the first position we see the Greeks, followed by the Cypriots, the Turkish and visitors from the USA, Germany, Romania and Russia. What is encouraging is the increase in visitors from Israel with 7.35% and 44.966 bookings.

Also, according to a survey by GBR (benchmarking) drawing data from STR Global (Hotel Data Worldwide), Thessaloniki has the lowest prices compared with cities of similar size such as Birmingham, Cologne, Manchester, Dusseldorf, Budapest etc.