Trivago survey: Which nationalities will visit Greece this summer

Greeks prefer Santorini and Chania as top holiday destinations

According to a survey by online travel site Trivago, Serbs, Romanians and Italians are the most likely to visit Greece this summer. British come in fourth, while Bulgarians are also high in terms of choosing Greece as their holiday destination. The island of Thasos appears to be among the top three picks for Serbs, Romanians and Bulgarians, while the Italians and British prefer Santorini and Mykonos. Germans, Swedes, Hungarians, Danes and Russians make up the next 5 nationalities that are expected to choose Greece for their summer vacation in 2017, with Crete being in their top 3 picks. As far as Greeks and their destination preferences for 2017 are concerned, the survey showed that Santorini, Chania and Chalkidiki were at the top of their list. Greeks traditionally go on holidays between August 7 and 20, while the average nights of stay at hotels is estimated between 5 and 7 days depending on the destination.