Turkey held the plane that carried the Greek FM Dendias in the air for 20 minutes!

They refused the overflight regardless of the fact that the Greek pilots had received the permits necessary by the Turkish authorities

The Turkish provocations went on another level once again, as last night the Turks held in the air for twenty whole minutes the government plane that transported the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias from Iraq to Greece.

In particular, the aircraft departed from Iraq and over the border with Turkey, the Turks refused for twenty minutes to grant an overflight permit, regardless of the fact that the pilots of the aircraft had received the required permits by the Turkish authorities to fly the route from Baghdad to Athens via Turkey.

Thus, the government Embraer aircraft with Mr. Dendias, circled while the pilots were trying to communicate with the Turkish authorities. Eventually, according to information, after protests from the Greek side and the threatening situation of the fuel shortage, the Turks gave permission for an intermediate destination and later for the final destination.

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