Turkey issues Navtex for demilitirisation of Greek islands of Tilos and Halki

Ankara is escalating its provocations against Greece

Turkey is steadily continuing on its path of escalating tensions in the Aegean Sea, as the Antalya station issued a new Navtex calling for the demilitarisation of the Greek islands of Tilos and Halki Thursday afternoon.

Ankara is invoking the Treaty of Paris of 1947 and demanding no Navy exercises be conducted in the area between the two Greek islands.

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The latest NAVTEX comes on the heels of previous ones issued by Turkey also demanding the demilitarisation of a number of Greek islands, such as Samothrace, Lemnos, Ai Stratis, Lesvos, and Chios.

At the same time, Turkey is continuing its illegal explorations in the Eastern Mediterranean with the survey hip Oruc Reis, claiming that the research vessel is sailing on a Turkish continental shelf and accusing Athens of “maximalist positions” in the Aegean.