Turkish Defence Minister Akar “allows” Greek officials to go to Greek Aegean islands…

…but they must not overdo it!


In his statements yesterday, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar accused Greece of threatening language.

“Greece needs to stay away from the tensions, to stop using threatening language, to understand that this is not going anywhere with Ankara”, Akar said provocatively, raising the tone against Greece again.

What is most interesting, though, is what the Turkish Defense Minister said about the Greek-Turkish relations and how the Erdogan government perceives them. Akar blamed Greek officials for their frequent visits to Greek Aegean islands opposite of the Turkish coastline, calling them “incidents that escalate tensions”.

However, the Turkish Minister of Defense is so generous, that he “allows” the Greek President, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense etc. to set foot on these islands, but he essentially demands…not to overdo it.

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Akar specifically stated: “Of course you can visit, talk and meet on the islands. But, these constant visits to these islands, as if there are no more, specifically to those located 300m, 500m, 3km and 5km from Turkey, by the President, the Prime Minister, ministers and all the military staff, they should in no way turn into challenges and incidents that escalate the tension”.