Turkish F-16s fly over Greek isles 8 times

Turkey sustained its pressure over the Agean Sea

Turkey continued its provocations against Greece over the Aegean Sea, as Turkish fighter jets carried out illegal flyovers above Greek islands on Tuesday morning

Two pairs of Turkish F-16 fighter jets committed eight violations in less than 40 minutes, with the first one taking place at 9:47 in the morning with a Turkish F-16 pair flying 24,000 feet above Oinousses and Panagia.

Then the second pair of Turkish F-16s flew over Oinousses at 10:03 at an altitude of 24,000 feet.

At 10:19 and 10:22 the two Turkish F-16s again flew over above Oinousse and Panagia, at 23,000 and 20,000 feet, respectively.

The last flight was recorded at 10:25 with a pair of Turkish F-16s flying 13,000 feet above the island of Panagia.