Turkish F16 jets carry out low overflights above Lesvos and Chios

Analysts believe it part of a multi-pronged plan to test Greek resolve

Two Turkish F-16s fighter jets carried out illegal overflights above the the islands of Lesvos and Chios violating Greek national airspace on Sunday.

The violations occurred at an altitude of 13,000 feet from 10: 14-10: 18 above Lesvos before the pair flew over the northern coast of Chios at an altitude of 6,000 feet, while also making two overflights in Panagia Island and over Oinousses.

Pundits believe the escalation of Turkish provocations against Greece in both the Aegean Sea and through the weaponising of illegal immigrants -it was revealed that Turkey planned to send coronavirus-infected immigrants to Lesvos yesterday, Saturday- is part of a coordinated plan to cause an artificial crisis and test the resolve of Athens and Greece’s military readiness. As sources explain, Turkey wants to flood the Greek islands in the eastern Aegean with migrants infected with Covid-19.

The Hellenic Ministry of National Defence managed to confirm intelligence that among the illegal immigrants who had gathered on the west coast of Asia Minor were patients carrying the COVID-19. They had been transported by buses from other refugee hosting centres from inland Turkey! Many of these migrants were in the area of ​​Pazarkule in March – opposite Kastanies in Evros – during the crisis on the Greek-Turkish borders in February and March, which prompted the EU to send FRONTEX forces to the area.

The Turkish authorities were trying to transport them into Greece and Europe in the middle of a pandemic, disregarding the serious health implications this could cause.

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