Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoglu: We are ready to dialogue with Greece

Cavusoglu made the proposition a second time in 24 hours

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoglu reiterated his position for second time in the past 24 hours that Turkey was ready to sit down and dialogue with Greece on the pressing issues in the Mediterranean.

Only hours after the top Turkish diplomat said during a joint press conference with Italian Foreign Minister Di Maio about Turkey’s intentions to cooperate with Greece, Cavusoglu repeated his invitation in a similar conciliatory tone speaking  at a tourism forum on Saturday.

After initially noting that “there can be no agreement in the Eastern Mediterranean without Turkey”, the Turkish Foreign Minister said that “what we have not been able to explain in words, we are now saying with our actions. With our ships and our agreements. We did it yes, but do we want to continue to act unilaterally? No. We are ready for dialogue with everyone, including Greece.”

Speaking about Libya, Cavusoglu said of General Haftar that “he did not listen to any of the appeals made to him. He was doomed to defeat. He had the opportunity for a political solution, but he also lost that.”

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