Turkish police reportedly moving illegal immigrants back to interior from Greek borders amid coronavirus

Buses have been seen transporting groups of men

Turkish authorities have been transporting illegal immigrants concentrated on the its borders with Greece across Evros to the interior of the country.

The operation started as few hours ago with more than 20 buses seen since the early morning on the Turkish side of the border loading immigrants and taking them back to the direction of Constantinople. The operation is being co-ordinated by the Turkish police and is thought to be linked with the latest coronavirus developments and measures taken by Turkey to deal with the pandemic, as thousands of immigrants concentrated in a very small area pose a serious threat for the expansion of the deadly virus.

According to sources, once the immigrants are recorded they are placed on the buses with a middle row of seats between them to avoid any direct contact with each other.

The majority of the migrants leaving are men.

According to reports, as of yesterday evening, there was a reduced concentration of immigrants across the barbed wire fence that divides the Greek-Turkish side of the border in the Kastanies checkpoint, while rioting incidents were very limited compared to previous days.

Despite a decline in the skirmishes, the Greek police and security forces, as well as the Frontex guards, are still on alert, waiting to see how the situation on the Turkish side of the border develops and if the Turkish authorities do indeed intend to remove the illegal immigrants.

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